Where I Stand at Weddings

It's something that not a lot of people put that much thought into. However where the celebrant stands makes a real difference. It's vital that the guests feel at ease with whomever is leading your wedding. The positioning also effects both the flow and the feel of the day and particularly the photos and footage of the ceremony. Here's where I stand and why...

Destination Weddings - How!?!?

Let's face it; nearly every couple looks at each other at least once on their wedding planning journey and suggests... 'should we just jump on a plane!?' The answer of course is... Maybe!

For some couples a destination wedding is perfect and for others there's simply no chance! It depends on so many factors not the least of which include both family and financial survival!

However one of the main reasons WHY people shy away from a destination wedding is that they don't satisfactorily know HOW to arrange one. I hope this short video helps a little, if you have any questions please hit the 'enquiry' link and drop me a line!

How to Choose Your Wedding Service Providers

OK... turns out that I WAS too tired to film on this particular evening!! Sorry!! Anyway, here's my pro-tip on how to minimise stress and maximise your enjoyment of working with all your wedding service providers. Note: I think I was asleep on the lounge about 5 minutes after this was filmed!! 

What I Wear

What a celebrant wears can really have an impact on a wedding. Everyone has their own style but I think we should all exhibit my three 'C's...

Care: we should took a good hard look in the mirror before we arrive!

Current: we shouldn't be afraid of buying new threads every now and then.

Cleanliness: Honestly, I've seen celebrants with stains on their clothes... in their profile pics...