A Love of Marriage & Weddings,

That's where it all starts!


I believe healthy marriages are a vital part of the fabric of our society and that having someone to love and trust makes for a fuller, richer life. Marriage is better than a good idea, it's a God idea.


Also... Weddings don't have to be boring!!!

They should reflect your personality and your relationship. After all - that's what we're celebrating!!


Ceremonies shouldn't be endured or tolerated,

they should be a celebration! We can make yours... 

enjoyable, memorable, meaningful and fun!

We'll fill your ceremony with moments you'll cherish forever!

Too many ceremonies are filled with awkward moments people would rather forget! That's sad!! No more awkward ceremonies!!



As an ordained pastor, I'm often asked if I do civil ceremonies. In fact the majority of ceremonies that I perform are not religious in nature. I am a Christian and as such would love to help you have the best wedding and marriage possible.

Many couples that I've had the privilege of marrying have come along to church while many others have no interest in God whatsoever. Regardless, I'll be here if you ever need me or would like to chat. 

I’m incredibly grateful for my wife, Leone and our two beautiful daughters; Abigail and Isabel. It’s my hope that every wedding I’m involved with produces not just an incredible day but also a strong marriage. I care about marriage, I care about weddings and I’d love to contribute to yours.