Don't Be Busy!

Busy-ness: It’s the difference between a day that’s enjoyed and lives up to all it’s potential… versus a day that’s packed with stress and ultimately leads to exhaustion… how busy will you be on your wedding day???

Planning a wedding requires a huge emotional investment for most of us. That’s why I suggest that couples deliberately step OUT of planning mode in the few days leading up to their wedding. On the day you’ll likely want to spend time enjoying the company of your guests, hitting the dance floor and making the most of all those Food & Bevs!

Here are a few ideas that may help you enjoy your day

Invite your nearest and dearest for a dinner/BBQ/lunch in the week leading up to the wedding. This will often dramatically reduce the pressure to ‘catch up’ or introduce people on your actual wedding day. It makes a huge difference!

Leave extra room (and add refreshments) to everything you can. If HMU will take 3 hours… allow more than 3 hours and make sure there are snacks and music. This will help turn something that could be stressful, into an awesome time of celebration.

Minimise travel and destinations on the day. Getting about can take up huge amounts of your day, or very little… and that time difference matters! ‘Prep’ to ceremony to photo location(s) and then finally to the reception, couples can spend hours getting around. In my experience, unless you’ve got your heart set on something that’s really important to you… minimise the trips!! Even getting into and out of cars takes longer than you expect on a wedding day!!