Every wedding should be unique and personal. 

No-one wants a boring, irrelevant ceremony so I don't do them. Your ceremony, the moment in your life when you arrive as two, but leave as one, should be better than just 'OK'. Together, we can make it personal, meaningful and memorable (for the RIGHT reasons!)

Based on feedback from hundreds of delighted couples, I believe the following offers exceptional value:

Firstly what you won't get!

  • That horrible, awkward feeling you had at that wedding that time (Cringe!!)

  • Guests who have no idea what's happening (Awkward!)

  • Stress... lots and lots of unnecessary stress!!

  • A celebrant who is still 'practising', nervous or just there to read a script.

  • A celebrant that tries too hard to be funny (oh dear, look away!!) Humour is great; telling 'knock knock' jokes or bringing up things about your own relationship... not so much!!

What you will get, included in my fee

  • Our initial (obligation-free) meeting

  • Preparation/creation of your unique, personalised ceremony

  • A copy of the final draft of your unique ceremony

  • Unlimited email and phone contact

  • Wedding Ceremony Tips; advice based on years of experience

  • Ceremony run-through; share a coffee and go through your final draft (if required)

  • Preparation of your professionally printed marriage certificate

  • Preparation of all your legal marriage paperwork

  • Lodgement with 'Births Deaths and Marriages' to ensure registration of your marriage

  • Collaboration with all parties involved in your ceremony to ensure everything goes smoothly

  • Delivery of your ceremony in a personal manner, by an experienced public speaker.

  • Set-up and use of a professional grade, portable, battery operated, public address system.

  • Confidence; that you'll have a great ceremony and I'll be there to help you along the way.


South East Qld Weddings are $990-$1190 (dependant on travel time) including GST.

Australia-Wide Weddings are $1690-$1990 including GST & all travel.

International Ceremonies: There are many ways to have an international destination wedding and they’re all exciting!! Each ceremony is priced up uniquely but below is a general guide:

New Zealand and South Pacific $2390 - $2890

Hawaii, Bali and South East Asia $3300 - $3900

USA, Canada, Middle East and Europe $3900 - $5900

If you’re not sure about it but cant quite let the idea go, lets talk! enquire here, let me know what you’d love to do and we’ll make suggestions and offer a quote!

Master-Of-Ceremonies by Jake 

It's pretty amazing to stay on and serve as the M.C. for the reception. In that role I help oversee and co-ordinate the flow of your reception & get so much more interaction with you and your loved ones. After serving as an MC I always feel so fulfilled knowing that we've shared an exceptional ceremony and then I've helped everybody celebrate your marriage well into the night. It is such a rewarding feeling! I find that an experienced MC takes so much pressure off the bride and groom and their guests.

Cost varies from $700-$1100 (depending on location and timing). Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll give you a quote!

Booking procedure

When you're ready to go ahead and we've agreed to work on your wedding together, payment of a $300 deposit will be required to confirm your booking. Once received I begin declining other bookings that would clash with yours and also commence work on both your ceremony and your wedding documents.

If you'd like to know more about my pricing feel free to read this little article on celebrant costs.

Whats Next?

If I'm currently available for your wedding, let me know if you've got any questions or if you'd like to meet (or call/FaceTime) and I'll lead you through the process from there.

If I haven't yet confirmed that I'm available please complete this short enquiry form which will give me everything I need to confirm my availability and get the ball rolling for you! 

Paperwork downloads and links:

Here are some useful links in the event you need to access any documents online: