Wedding Photographer

For many couples, one of the biggest decisions regarding your wedding (besides having an amazing celebrant!) is choosing the photographer.

I've been to a lot of weddings and seen a lot of photographers in action. Here's what I've learned:

1. Many couples decide to 'go with a good friend with a nice camera': In my experience (UNLESS the friend has shot several weddings before) this doesn't result in great photos. Wedding photography is a niche skill, someone who's never done it before can really struggle to be creative and capture the day effectively. Friends who have shot weddings before get better results, but I'd always ask to see their previous wedding shots before booking them in.

2. How much to pay a professional photographer? Good question! there are some great photographers out there and from what I've seen the best aren't always the most expensive and the most expensive aren't always the best. I recommend browsing the internet, looking at their website gallery and if you like their photos enquire about the price. Only consider those who give you a prompt, polite and helpful response. From the results, I'd either select my photographer or establish a short-list of a few to speak with or visit.

There are lots of great photographers out there but if you're interested, my favourite wedding photographer can be found at...

Jake Smith