Planning a Backyard Wedding

I performed a ceremony in a garden yesterday and it got me thinking about all the highs and lows I've experienced with Backyard Weddings!

Here are my Backyard Wedding tips:

1. Consider the Clouds...

The Wind,  the rain, the sun all contribute, or more usually detract from a ceremony. If you don't have a sheltered area to fall back on in the event of extreme weather you should reconsider!

2. Notify the Neighbours...

You'll probably cause a few parking difficulties and perhaps some noise... if the neighbours know you're getting married they'll think 'oh, that's so cute', if they aren't aware of your ceremony they might beep, or swear, or knock on the door asking you to move your cars. Your neighbours also have plans, they mow their lawns, Have BBQs and have parties of their own. It's significantly disappointing when the neighbour cranks up the Whipper Snipper as you're walking down the aisle... notify the neighbours!

3. Count the cost...

Are backyard weddings cheaper? Most of the time they are, but do a budget before you decide, don't just assume it will be 'cheap' and go for it. Some unexpected expenses I've encountered include:

  • Garden maintenance
  • Equipment Hire/purchase/delivery/set up
  • Decorations
  • Catering
  • Repairs
  • Audio Visual

Some other great advice can be found:

Jake Smith