Master of Ceremonies - Pal or Pro?

Master of Ceremonies - Wedding Reception

In our culture it’s common to ask one of your guests perform this role; usually the loud one with the ‘gift of the gab’!

Often they do a very good job.

However, if in your case none of your inner circle are particularly skilled or comfortable performing the role, or if you’d rather have that pressure fall on a professional, then I may be able to help. My role as your Master of Ceremonies includes but is not limited to:

  • Developing and/or troubleshooting the run sheet
  • Informing and preparing all those who are to be directly involved 
  • Creating an appropriate atmosphere for guests to enjoy
  • Coordinating with all service providers to ensure the event flows seamlessly
  • Facilitating relevant and adequate transitions without being excessive
  • Honouring speakers
  • Introducing formalities

So all your friends are off the hook!

Jake Smith