Cruising Down the Aisle

It's a big decision, but there are some fantastic advantages to getting married on a cruise ship.

  • As long as you're happy with a smaller crowd (and you're happy to spend your honeymoon with them!) Cruising is a great option!
  • Your ceremony, reception and honeymoon are all organised at once.
  • Most departure ports (including Brisbane and Sydney) are easy for international and interstate guests to find.
  • You can actually spend some time with family and friends, rather than just bump into them in the busyness of your ceremony
  • Royal Caribbean, P&O and most other cruise-lines offer wedding packages meaning there's very little for you to organise beforehand!!
  • Your travel agent effectively becomes a free Wedding planner- serious, it's awesome!!!
  • Here is P&O's wedding page
  • You'll often get special treatment on board
  • No one will ever forget your wedding
  • The food is a very high standard (After the wedding you probably deserve to be able to put on a few 'cruise kilos!')
  • And, of course... everyone gets a great holiday.

Contact me if you're thinking of getting married onboard, I'd be happy to help in any way I can!